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GSSC is an NCCER Accredited Sponsor (ATS).  The organization earned the designation in 2012. NCCER's accreditation process is designed to ensure that craft workers and students receive quality training based on uniform standards and criteria. 



Ensures Quality Training based on uniform

standards and criteria.

NCCER'S accreditation process ensures that organizations have the resources needed to deliver effective, quality training programs using NCCER's curricula.

Secondary and postsecondary schools, vocational and technical schools, and college and universities, and other training providers are not eligible for sponsorship through NCCER. However, these institutions can qualify as NCCER Accredited Training and Education Facilities (ATEF) under GSSC's sponsorship. 

Currently, GSSC sponsors the following training provider:

Contact us or visit to learn more about the types of accreditation or to check your eligibility.

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