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The 21st Century Workplace:  
Recruiting and Retaining Talent

November 1-2 | Hyatt Centric French Quarter

The 21st Century Workplace:  Recruiting and Retaining Talent


Women and the Trades: An Untapped Resource

Bria Sativa Aguayo, Executive Director

Becoming a Welder, Inc.

By adding diversity can have a positive impact on the employment gap and your bottom line. I'll be demystifying women in the workplace and discussing how to attract and retain female employees.


Social Recruitment in the Modern Labor Market

Samantha Angermeier, Staffing Analyst

HKA Staffing

In the beginning, there was the newspaper ad, but in today’s technology centric society, social media is one of the most effective tools for capturing candidates. Join Sam Angermeier, a veteran of the staffing industry, as she guides you through the complex landscape of social media recruiting. Learn how you too can leverage these tools to find the best candidates.

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Connecting Industry to Education

Danielle Birney, Director of Workforce Development

Pelican Chapter, ABC

ABC Pelican has been creating partnerships with school boards, teachers and high students for more than 2 decades. Learn how the Pelican Chapter connects their contractor members to schools with partnership agreements and tracking their relationships throughout the school year. Then learn how the Pelican Chapter is helping to train the next generation of craft professionals through Louisiana’s Course Choice Program.


Give Credit Where Credit's Due:  NCCER Hard Hat Heroes

John Havlik, Senior Manager, Workforce Development


Our nation’s veterans posses a wealth of skills and training from their service while on active duty.  NCCER has partnered with the armed forces to translate those skills and occupational specialities into civilian craft and management credentials. This session reveals how the shipbuilding and repair industry can leverage military training, and, accelerate the placement of qualified individuals into our workforce.

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Career Pathways:  A Critical Tool in Attracting Talent

Brad Kibbe, Director of Apprenticeship, Florida Masonry Apprenticeship  and Education Foundation

America’s construction and maintenance industries create and maintain our nation’s economic vitality through a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, and residential projects. At present, those industries are anticipating a shortage of over 1.5 million skilled craft professionals by 2019. Industry owners, contractors, and trade associations are eager to work with educational partners in implementing industry-based training that leads to industry recognized credentials and provides multiple paths to gainful employment in high-demand career fields. 


Reimagining Reentry

Jon Ponder, Founder & CEO

Prisoners of Hope

Overcoming the barriers to successful reentry for men and women returning to our community in need of adequate support.  HOPE for Prisoners works to help individuals reintegrate into the workplace, their families, and our community and our unique partnerships with employers and with our local law enforcement help us to meet the employment needs of those we are privileged to serve.


Military to Maritime:  Connecting American Heroes to Maritime Careers

Cassier Scher, Communications Associate

Nahigian Strategies, LLC

A program that helps veterans and active military find jobs in the maritime industry through career fairs and a virtual job portal.


RT-335:  Restoring the Dignity of Work

Timothy Taylor, Chair, Construction Engineering and Project Management, University of Kentucky and

Eddie Clayton, Contracting and Workforce Development Strategies Manager, Southern Company

The United States’ workforce development system is in need of an overhaul. As a process, workforce development includes the recruitment, training, placement and retention of individuals in gainful employment opportunities. Over the past three decades, the skills shortage has worsened to the point that it is not only hard to find qualified craft professionals, but it also impacts projects’ schedule, cost and safety. In this session, attendees will be introduced to a path forward--one that is driven by industry stakeholders—and potential roles as advocates. 

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Per Diems:  How to Keep the Feds Off Your Back

Thomas Woodford, Counsel

Phelps Dunbar LLP

The presentation will address recent per-diem  enforcement efforts by the US Department of Labor along the Gulf Coast and provide best practices to ensure compliance with DOL and IRS regulations.


Influencing the Talent Pipeline: Employer and Education Alignment to Impact Career Awareness and Opportunities

Victoria Hunt, Manager

Ingalls Shipbuilding

Details coming soon!

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