Get Engaged and Share Your Talents:  Join a Committee!

GSSC is a member-driven organization.  Six standing committees provide a critical link between the membership and the Board of Directors and help to inform decisions impacting the direction of the organization.  Service on these teams allows members to get involved, to share their talents where they best fit, and to advance the organization and the industry.

GSSC committees meet and report to the Board at least quarterly.  To save time and money, most meetings are conducted online.  

Below is a list of GSSC’s committees along with their purpose statements.  Click the name of the committee to learn more about its activities and/or meeting schedules and to join.  

The Membership and Recruitment Committee serves as GSSC’s primary vehicle for securing new members and retaining existing members.

The Events Committee plans and coordinates the Annual Conference, membership meetings, and other events.

The Governmental Affairs Committee monitors legislative issues relevant to the shipbuilding and repair industry and develops a proactive legislative communication plan for GSSC. The committee updates state and federal legislators about the needs and concerns of GSSC member shipyards, the needs of the industry and the activities, needs and accomplishments of GSSC. The committee provides guidance and information to members concerning legislative activity that may affect the industry.

The Workforce Development Committee works with all member HR departments, state and local agencies, coastal universities, community colleges, secondary education systems, chambers of commerce and economic developers to enhance existing programs and develop new ones to address the critical issues of workforce development and recruitment.

The committee will oversee the organization and hosting of Teacher/Counselor Workshops and Career Day events as directed by the Board.

The committee will lead the development of programs and projects in the areas of career awareness and preparation, career paths, boot camps and apprenticeships, supervisory skill enhancement, and skills set certifications and assessments.

The committee will encourage and facilitate the research, documentation and sharing of best practices in the areas of workforce recruitment, education, training and retention.

The Communication Committee is responsible for communicating to the members, news media, potential members, and the public the activities of GSSC. It makes recommendations related to content and delivery of GSSC’s message via various methods including, but not limited to GSSC’s website, publications, reports, speaking engagements, and press releases. It is responsible for overseeing the implementation of GSSC’s public relations and communication plan.

The Finance Committee is responsible for identifying and securing funding necessary (grants, membership dues, fees, etc.) to accomplish the goals and activities established by the Board and to sustain the organization over time. It helps to prepare an annual budget consistent with the GSSC’s goals, strategic plan and the priorities established for a given year.

The committee makes recommendations to the Board as to financial adjustments or changes needed in response to changes in GSSC’s environment. The Committee also monitors the investment and reserve fund policies for their consistency with the organization’s goals and fiduciary practices relevant to financial management of a not-for-profit organization.